Who is the best dancer on the Teen Wolf set?

Holland Roden imitating Dylan O’Brien.

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That’s why I love it so much though.  Because it’s so, so easy to forget this — SHIELD constantly forgets this — but Steve *is* a child.  He was twenty-six years old and terrified when he died.  And to him, that was maybe ten days ago.  Just — ten days ago, he died.  Eleven days ago, he watched his best friend and protector fall to his death in a clusterfuck he will always believe was his fault.  Ten days ago, he died while the listening to Peggy cry on the other end of a static-filled radio.  Ten days ago, he was still in 1945.  He was supposed to leave it; it wasn’t supposed to leave him.  And he woke up, and everyone he loved was gone, and now he’s confronted with an agency that’s lying to him about everything and he’s just found in their storage facility the exact weapon that killed the person he loved most and he’s arguing with a man who looks far too much like someone he called a friend, who he knows now is dead, who died violently in a car crash, and he doesn’t know Tony well enough to know this is how he deals with fear, so to him, this is just…someone with money, with all the privilege and padding he and Bucky never had, who would never have to go to war if he didn’t want to, making light of a situation way too close to Steve’s chest.

Steve was being prickly as hell through most of this movie, but he was bleeding out and in pain and had no one to bleed on.  The comment he makes to Tony, about knowing guys with none of that worth ten of him?  Imagine all of the people he was thinking about then.  All of the people he knew he’d never see again; who he wished he wasn’t standing there to never see again.  Trying to organize a time bomb and remembering the Commandos.  Trying to co-lead with a man he doesn’t yet understand, and remembering Bucky.  Trying so hard not to keep seeing him fall.  Being expected to be above all of those messy human emotions, because he’s Captain America, and while he was asleep that name became a legend so much bigger than any real, living person could be.

He’s only twenty-six.

I just made myself sad.

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alsassociation Challenge Accepted!! Pardon my Ice Queen. amnesiac.. (x)

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Hello, my name is Hazel Grace Lancaster, and Augustus Waters was the star-crossed love of my life. Our’s in a epic love story and I probably won’t be able to get more than a sentence out with disappearing into a puddle of tears. Like all real love stories our’s will die with us - as it should. You know, I kind of hoped that he’d be the one eulogizing me because there’s really no one else. I’m not going to talk about a love story because I can’t. So instead, I’m gonna talk about math. I am not a mathematician - but I do know this. There are infinite between 0 and 1, there’s .1, and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there’s an even bigger set of numbers between 0 and 2, or 0 and a million. Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities. 

Stiles little cute baby Stilinski

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mrsfinnigan said: Do you take prompts for writing? Anyway XD Your remember the one when Stiles and Derek had age difference. (Stiles was 18 and Derek was 30). Can you do one where Derek asks him out?


(part 1)

Derek didn’t mean for any of this to happen. And it shouldn’t have. Stiles is seventeen, Derek is thirty. It’s just too big of an age difference especially when Stiles’ dad is the sheriff.

But Derek can’t deny the feelings he has for Stiles. Ever since the kid walked into the library two months ago looking for everything to do with mythology, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Derek hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him. And they’ve kind of become friends these last two months. Stiles started stopping by the front desk and asking Derek’s opinions on things, and once Stiles discovered that Derek actually knew what he was talking about, well…they never stopped talking.

"So what is it today?" Derek asks as Stiles walks in, eyes wide.

"I think my best friend is a werewolf," Stiles huffs out, throwing his arms on the counter and leaning on them, but it’s more like he’s lounging across the desk. "Last night he was being very moody and angry, and it was the full moon."

"Uh, he might just be a teenager?" Derek offers with a small smile.

"Of course it is, but I kind of want to make him think he is one as a prank." Stiles’ eyes are lit up with mischief, and he just looks so excited about the prospect of making his friend think he’s a creature of the night.

Derek’s so far gone. “Why?”

Stiles shrugs, fiddling with a pen that he found on the desk. “I guess a birthday present to myself.” His voice is casual and so is his stance, but he’s too tense, and the casualness seems too forced.

"When’s your birthday?" Derek asks, numb to the feeling that Stiles is turning eighteen soon and is technically legal…soon.

"Today," Stiles mumbles, cheeks flaming, and Derek really just wants to brush a hand over them and kiss the blush down to where it’s starting to peek out of his chest and see how far it goes.

"Your birthday is today?" Derek has to make sure. He’s been wanting to do this forever, but now he legally can. And maybe Stiles might actually say yes. He knows the teenager has been flirting with him and checking him out when he thinks Derek isn’t looking, so Derek’s hoping for the best.

"Did you want to see my license to make sure?" Stiles snaps, eyes hardening as he looks back up into Derek’s. "It’s stupid anyway. I’m just gonna go. I don’t need your help with this anyway."

But before Stiles can leave, Derek grabs his wrist. “Do you wanna go out Friday night?” he blurts out before he can stop himself, add finesse, maybe be a little bit smoother.

Stiles smiles at him so widely Derek momentarily worries that his face will split in half. “I would love to…as a date, right? You’re asking me on a date? Not just hanging out? There will be smooth moves pulled on me that night?”

"I can’t guarantee smooth moves," Derek mumbles, looking down at the desk embarrassed. He’s not really the smoothest guy out there honestly.

Stiles’ thumb starts rubbing circles on the inside of Derek’s wrist, and when Derek looks back up the teenager is smiling softly at him. “But you’re gonna pull moves?” he asks hopefully.

Derek nods. “I, uh. Yeah.”

Stiles leans closer, lips brushing Derek’s cheek. “I do have to go though. Birthday dinner with my dad. I’ll see you Friday, hot stuff.”

And with that, he leaves Derek smiling like the idiot he is and wondering how he fell for a teenager that uses phrases like “hot stuff.”

He regrets nothing.

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